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No one is exempt. First, there is the judgment of believers 2 Corinthians Second, there is the judgment of unbelievers Revelation This is the Great White Throne Judgment where unbelievers whose names are not written in the book of life are judged according to their deeds. The result is eternal separation from God. Only those who have trusted Christ as their Savior will be present at this judgment. Our meeting with Christ is a predestined event set by God Himself.

Jesus will be the Judge. Because He is our Savior and has forgiven all our sins, this is not a judgment to decide whether we can enter heaven. We will already be in heaven when we stand before Him.

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The purpose is to reward us for what we have done. Throughout our lives the Holy Spirit has convicted us when we have sinned, enabled us to obey, equipped us to serve, and shown us areas that need correction, all the while reminding us that we will one day give an account of our lives to Christ. How is the Lord going to judge us? It will be according to our works. Our entrance into heaven cost Him the death of His only begotten Son, and He has given us the Holy Spirit to empower us to do whatever He has required of us.

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About Steve Dittmar. Steve Dittmar. Steve is known internationally for his authentic, revelatory ability to help Christians understand and apprehend the ways and nature of God. As pastors of Jubilee Church, an out-of-the-box house of prayer and expressive worship, Steve and Cammy have helped believers fully possess their inheritance in Christ Jesus.

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Native Californians who love to surf the shores of the Pacific Coast, Steve and Cammy have five children and one grandchild. Books by Steve Dittmar. You see grace incorporates all that God desired to do for mankind because of His love, which He is now free to perform, because His justice has been met through the sacrificial death of His son. And oh how He has acted for the believer if only we could see it! Just as it says in the passage above, we have past tense — when we first believed in Jesus been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will — to the praise of His glorious grace!

The divine order that God has established through these letters is to first sit and learn of your position in Christ, and then, in view of this position, the exhortation is given to live a life consistent with your position. In other words, the Christian life is becoming in your experience what you already are in your position in Christ. This divine order is clearly seen in Ephesians, Colossians, and Romans amongst others.

For example, and as a study of your own, please read the book of Ephesians and note down all that God has done for you and that which you are called to do yourself.

Saved Your Seat: taking your place with Jesus in heaven

You should see a sharp distinction between the first three chapters and the last three. With the connection between the two starting at chapter 4, verse 1. Commenting on Ephesians, Watchman Nee said:.

Ascension of Christ

Our natural reason says, If we do not walk, how can we ever reach the goal? What can we attain without effort? How can we get anywhere if we do not move? But Christianity is a queer business! If at the outset we try to do anything, we miss everything. The framework for the following has been taken somewhat loosely! Before looking at that which God has done for the believer in Christ, Chafer raises the following five points that are very important to remember.

One more thought before you start racing through the list — Think! Yes, think about them. Meditate on them and what it means for you. But I believe that these are truths that God would want to firmly establish within our hearts, for they glorify His character and show the extent of His work on the cross for us.

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So please, go slow, ask the Lord to reveal the truth in it, and mediate upon these things. From this point onwards Christian experience proceeds as it began, not on the basis of our own work but always on that of the finished work of another. As you read each point, remember also what has just been said in that these truths are eternal and are as true of you today if you truly believe in Jesus as they ever will be.

One more last point — failure. Failure is almost a prerequisite for enjoying what God has done. God has hidden these truths from the proud and self-confident and as such they seldom seem interested, or care to believe that these things be of great benefit. But to those who truly see their need of God, the things of grace become the greatest delight! All of the following is true of every genuine believer in Jesus Christ. Before the world had even been created, God knew and chose those who would be saved, and in the course of time He called them to Himself.

Do we fully understand it? No way! Not until He explains it all in heaven.

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Do we still believe it? How near to God has Jesus brought the believer?

go to link In our position, just as near as Christ is himself! His blood has been poured out for the sins of the world and the temple curtain has been torn in two! Can someone born, then become be unborn? Can a son in a family somehow cease from being a son? Or can someone who has been adopted, be un-adopted?

No, no, and finally, no! A and you are forever a son of your father. The same applies for our spiritual birth!