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Over the next year, the Ziegenhagens went through a certification process, with home visits, background checks, and interviews with their kids. After a year of paperwork and interviews, the Ziegenhagens received their certification on a Friday five and a half years ago.

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To celebrate, they went to an Angels game, leaving their phones in their truck in the parking lot. When they climbed back in and checked their phones after the game, they had five missed calls from five different foster placement services, all looking to find homes for children right away.

The fifth call was about twins who had just turned two years old. At a.

That was it. She also worried about the other four missed phone calls, the other four sets of kids that might not have landed in a home that night. The second-largest system is in Texas, where 30, children were awaiting permanent placement.

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On day one with the Ziegenhagens, Kash and Zayden went with Janet to Target in borrowed car seats so she could buy them clothes, food, strollers, and everything else they needed. At first the twins had visitations with their biological mother, important but often emotionally difficult sessions that re-exposed them to memories of malnourishment, domestic violence and drug addiction that had been their world before foster care. From that point, it was still another two and a half years of court dates for the Ziegenhagens as they tried to legally adopt the twins.

Finally, last Wednesday, 1, days after Kash and Zayden had arrived in the middle of the night, the court legally affirmed what all involved parties already felt: the Ziegenhagens were a family. Last weekend, the Ziegenhagens shut down their entire block for a celebratory party.

It was a happy ending to a trying ordeal for all involved, in this story at least. This is the only traumatic experience that kids go through where people say they should feel lucky. The party was superhero-themed. Both boys love superheroes, and, as the party flyer advertised, all the best superheroes were adopted.


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To fit in with the decor, Mark donned a muscled-up Superman outfit midway through the party. The kid had a point. The costume was a little tight around the midsection and a little loose around the shoulder. Giraud did a number of things to earn extra spending money while attending Western. And using an idea he got from Florida, he ordered beanies and sold them to the freshmen football players.

In an effort to help attendance at Western football games, Giraud rented a school bus, and dressed in his uniform, drove the 3. I'd drive for a while and then I'd get someone else to take over as we got closer to kickoff.

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Giraud was also known to get into mischief at Western. One time he and a couple of teammates filled the milk and juice containers in the Viking Commons Dining Hall with beer from a keg they had purchased.

And Giraud, like many students at that time, often parked illegally on campus. But Butts took it to a new level.

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So, he called me in because I wasn't going to get my diploma until I paid this fine. I figured this was it, I was going to be hammered by the dean of the University. You'd have to play professional football for five years before you could pay for all these. Thanks for all you did at Western and get the heck out of here boy and good luck to you. During his last year at Western, Giraud was the road manager and marketing director for the semi-pro Bellingham Bells baseball team and helped out in the sporting goods store owned by Joe Martin, the team's manager. A self-made promoter and entrepreneur, Giraud made more money doing that than playing CFL professional football at Winnipeg Province of Manitoba a year later.

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Following graduation from Western, Giraud traveled to coach spring ball at the University of Hawaii and while there saw the Crazy T-shirt industry. From that came the famous "Towel Power" promotion when the Vancouver Canucks made an improbable bid for the Stanley Cup championship during the National Hockey League playoffs. It was an honor to play football and I would have played for nothing, but I found that there was three times the money selling souvenirs. And because of a chance meeting with professional wrestling great Dutch Savage whose mother lived in Bellingham while getting treatment in the Western training room, Giraud embarked on an year international pro wrestling career that took him to such faraway places as England and Iraq.

Twice they were shown exclusively on NBC Sports. Giraud was a four-time world champion, using flaming pyrotechnics on a couple of occasions. Butts' first world title came at the inaugural event on May 24, , at the Bayshore Inn which was promoting the opening of its new pool. He attributed the win to a lot of practice. Today, Giraud plays a mean harmonica in a Blues Band and has recorded a couple of albums.

And he recently wrote his autobiography "The Last Chapter," which was released on Dec. Western made a big difference in my life.