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Sincerly Yours, Alice.

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Outdoor Preise und mehr Infos je nach Teilnehmer oder Ideenumsetzung. Meldet euch gerne, Eure Alice. Still not seen enough? More photos are available in the galleries: Show. By using this site, you agree with their use. For more information about cookies and their configuration please follow this link: model-kartei. Female model Take a listen to ' Berlin is for Dreamers':.

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Nordic Music Review is a small independent UK based website, which aims to find the best new and old… music from the Nordic Regions, and try and bring it to your attention. Although it is not possible to feature everything sent to us, we do listen to everything and try to cover a wide range of music styles. Alice Rose - new track 'Berlin is for Dreamers'.

October 18, Nordic Music Review About Us! Traumas relating to those periods of development, by one or both members of the couple, are one of the greatest impediments to intimacy between the two.

Implantation is the "digging in" which the conceptus does to connect itself to the uterine wall. The envelopment occurs when the conceptus first connects physically with the mother. This is when the marinating process begins -- when the direct route of maternal feelings both positive and negative are directed to the fetus via the umbilical cord.

Most complaints about love relationships, the author has found, have the same origin.

Whether the husband is an adulterer, unable to commit, the wife too possessive -- in short, all relationship problems -- have the same cause and that cause has nothing to do with the partner making the complaint. The problem is with the other spouse! Something went wrong during that person's early gestation process. Later, the fetus will endure the trauma of birth which Dr. Rose describes as: "Without question and without exception.

These feelings are memories which are traceable back to our birth.

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The author believes that everyone wants to be free but none of us realize the real source of the anguished feeling of needing to be free. Dr Rose writes: Those who have had a bad birth may feel only one urge: to get away from an insistent mate. They immediately project their memories of pain and entrapment onto their lover. As soon as the two are alone, all the recalcitrant person feels is, I've got to get away. A mate has a legitimate desire for physical and mental closeness, which is love, but triggering the birth trauma memory makes it feel like smothering.


The horrors of birth include the threat of death. The holding onto which one mate wants, triggers the need to get away by the other. So even though there is a deep need to be held, the force of the memory reactivation of the pain of being held is greater than the need. This alternating between desire and repulsion in holding can be felt by those who have not felt their birth trauma or who have not as yet resolved certain aspects of it.

It is easy and natural for the person experiencing this push-pull to intimacy to project the problem on the spouse since leaving stops the pain - and feelings of needing to breathe, of needing to "get out" - from being re-stimulated. When separation occurs between the two, the trapped birth feeling of the disgruntled spouse disappears. The rejected lover may decide that perhaps she is too needy and withdraws even further.

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It is usually the husband who feels trapped since he unconsciously equates the pain of birth with his relationship with women. This is because his very first intimate relationship with a woman, his mother, was a painful one in birth - perhaps both physically and emotionally. He thus continues to get triggered by all subsequent close relationships with women, especially the most desirable ones - the ones he loves.